Our Wines

Our Wines:

We have strategically handpicked our unique selection of Italian wines to compliment our pizze and cafe menus. Our wine list is constantly changing to fit what we think will be the best fit. Also, it changes with the season because many of our wines are organic.

What is Organic Wine?

In conventional agriculture, chemical fertilizers are used to promote larger yields and protect against disease. These same chemicals are absorbed through the roots into the vine’s sap and are then passed through leaves, and stems into the fruit. As a result, residues of these chemicals find their way into the finished wine. In addition to the effects of direct consumption, conventional ‘chemical based’ farming has a significant impact on soil and water quality. Wine growers farming with chemicals have to wear ‘hazmat’ style clothing and breathing apparatus to protect themselves while crop spraying.  Proponents of organically grown wine believe that chemical farming destroys the uniqueness of the land, and the unique flavor that this ‘terroir’ imparts to the wine.  In the USA, strict rules govern the organic winemaking process at all stages of production including harvesting, the types of yeast that can be used during fermentation as well as storage conditions. These rules are applied for all imported and domestic wines that acquire USDA certification. In the USA, the total sulfite level must be less than 20 parts per million in order to receive organic certification.


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